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How to Buy a Freight Container

Aug  30,2017

Freight containers are used every day to ship goods across the world. They can also be used as storage containers, mobile offices, and even homes. They are attractive and versatile options if you are looking for a large storage unit, mobile office, or a low-priced, environmentally friendly home. When buying a container, figure out the size and type of container you’ll need, find a reliable seller, check out the condition of the container you plan to buy, get the best price you can, and work out the best delivery options for you.

Part 1: Choosing Your Container

①Pick the type of container you need. 
Choose your container based on how you will use it. Pick a refrigerated container with truck reefer units (also called a “reefer”) to ship and store anything perishable. Choose a dry container for shipping or transporting dry goods or for a mobile office or home. Select a tank container for liquids, like oil or chemicals.

Get a flat rack container for heavy machinery or for construction materials.

Choose a top loading container for cargo like logs, machinery, and oversized goods that need to be loaded from the top.

Buy a ventilated container for cargo that needs ventilation, like coffee beans, onions, and potatoes.

②Decide if you want a new or used container. 
Base your decision about a new or used container with freezer unit for trucks or truck chiller units on cost. You’ll spend more on a new container. You can easily find used containers that show little wear or damage because they are made from heavy-gauge steel.

③Decide what size container you want. 
Choose your container’s size based on the freight you will transport or its overall purpose.
NOTICE : Account for the fact that reefers will have less interior space because they also have refrigeration and ventilation units inside.

Part 2: Locating a Seller

①Find a certified dealer.
Consult with one or several members to find the container with truck reefer units you need. Verify the seller will inspect the container for you and send you photos.

②Consult other sellers. 
Visit your local port and consult with the freight container dealers whose box truck reefer units for sale there. Ask for their bona fides and references before you start working with them. Clearly explain what you are looking for and your price range once you do begin working together.

③Look for container warehouses. 
Try to find container warehouses if you are buying near a port. Check the credentials and business histories for warehouses before you buy from them. Warehouses will have stock immediately available with a wide selection for you to choose from and you can negotiate prices at the warehouse.

④Find a seller online. 
Do a search engine query to find companies that sell freight containers with freezer unit for trucks online. Check eBay for sales from reputable companies. Look for an online seller who posts detailed photos. Ask for the same level of information about the seller and the container that you would request from a seller at your local port.

c-300 truck chiller units
PHOTO: The condenser of Guchen Thermo C-300 truck chiller units and this truck chiller units installed on a small truck in the third photo.

Part 3: Checking Your Used Container’s Condition

①Request detailed photos of the container with truck chiller units. 
Request photos and details about the condition of a used container if you are buying it remotely. Specify that you want high quality photos of all sides of the container inside and out. Also ask for photos of the top and bottom, floor and ceiling, and doors. Ask for a written or oral report on the condition of the container.

②Examine the container with truck reefer units
If you can see the container in person before you buy it, examine it thoroughly. Check the top and bottom, floor and ceiling, and doors. Look for corrosion, excessive warping, holes, damaged door seals, and other major problems. Also smell the container for mold or toxic smells.

③Inspect the doors of the container. 
Check that you can open the doors. Dents or rust can make the doors of a used container difficult or impossible to open. Take a look at the hinges and make sure they aren’t preventing the doors from swinging properly because they are rusted or out of line.

④Note the location of the locking gear. 
Make sure the locking gear is rust-free. Also check that its location is suitable for your needs. A low locking gear works well when the container is mounted on a trailer. Opt for a high locking gear if you will be using the container at ground level, you should opt for a high locking gear

⑤Evaluate whether the container with freezer unit for trucks is watertight. 
Go inside the container and look for any sunshine that comes through holes or cracks - these indicate the container is not watertight. Ask a remote seller to demonstrate this to you by photographing the container's roof from the inside on a sunny day. Any holes or cracks will show clearly in the photo.

Part 4: Finalizing Your Container Purchase

①Assess the cost of the freight container. 
Compare the seller’s price to prices from other sellers. Check the web to compare costs for containers similar in size and condition to the one you are buying. Try to negotiate a better price if you see similar containers similar that are selling for less.

②Make sure no one else owns the container with front mounted truck refrigeration unit
Determine that the container you want to buy is not owned by a shipping company when you buy it from any source. Write down the container number and call the company that should be listed on the side of the container.

③Figure out your delivery options. 
Ask the seller if they will deliver the container and how much delivery will cost.

④Make a plan to pick up the container. 
Be prepared to rent a flatbed or tilt-bed truck to pick up the container if the seller will not deliver it. Find out if you’ll need a license to rent the truck. Arrange for a forklift or crane to lift the container out of a flatbed truck. Also look into required licenses for operating that equipment.

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tr-350 truck reefer units
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