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Guchen Thermo C series Fridge Unit for Van Introduction

Aug  11,2017

Refrigerated cargo vans as the necessary cold chain transport equipment really useful for the small cold chain business. As for its most important refrigerating source --- fridge unit for van is the most necessary equipment for a reefer cargo vans. Compared with truck refrigeration unit, the fridge van conversation kit is easier to install, especially for the electric van refrigeration units, customers can install it on van in 1 hour! 

Refrigeration units for vans also called as roof mounted fridge unit for van according to its installation type to divide. Its condenser installed on the roof top of cargo van and evaporator installed in the inner side of van box to keep the temperature refrigerating.  

C series Fridge Unit for Van Models

Guchen Thermo C series van reefer unit for sale models included in the following models:

C-200T small van reefer units for 2-10m³.
C-300T fridge unit for van apply for 10-18m³big cargo vans. 

C series Fridge Unit for Van Application 

C series truck refrigeration units are roof top mounted units for cargo vans, temperature range is -5℃ to +25℃ to transport fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products and pharmaceuticals. 

Application example 1: you have a small cargo van with 2-10m³ van box, you want to deliver fresh foods in downtown, then the C-200T fridge unit for van is suitable for your business. 

Guchen Thermo C-200T Van Refrigeration Units Kits Installation Example
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo
C-200T fridge van conversation kit installation example.

Application example 2: you have a large cargo van with 10-18m³ van box, you maybe want to deliver cargoes in a long-distance, maybe you have to transport these cargoes go through a night, then the C-300T van reefer unit for sale with standby system is suitable!   

C-300t fridge van conversation kit
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo C-300T fridge unit for van installed on a 15m³ cargo vans.

C series Refrigeration Units for Vans Main Parts

As for Guchen Thermo fridge van conversation kit, it mainly included in condenser, evaporator, compressor and electric control system. 

C series Refrigeration Units for Vans Features 

◆  Roof mounted unit and slim evaporator design
◆  Strong refrigerating and cooling fast
◆  High-strength plastic enclosure and elegant appearance
◆  Compact structure, small size, light weight and fuel savings
◆  Quick installation, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost
◆  Apply to all kinds of small refrigerated vans
Converting a van into a refrigerated cargo vans is not difficult for professional persons no matter to install electric van reefer unit or direct engine driven units, but as for the people who are amateurs maybe a little difficult to do it. But for the most of people to install Guchen Thermo TR-110D DC powered van reefer unit is easy. Only prepared for the fridge van conversation kit, and connect some wires. 
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