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What Are Benefits to Choose TR-110D Electric Van Reefer Units?

Aug  07,2017

Guchen Thermo, as an independent manufacturer, fully devoted to design, produce, install and service of transport refrigeration units. With the development of economy and the enhancement of people’s educational level, the public and government pay more attention to environmental protection. And they are seeking for cleaner energy to replace fuel. 

And under this condition, Guchen Thermo TR-110D small van refrigeration units emerge in the markets and get high praises at home and abroad. So what are benefits to choose TR-110D reefer van conversation kits ?

◆ Small size, light weight, save space and easy to install. 

Some small cargo vans have no enough space to install compressor, but the compressor of TR-110D refrigeration units for vans is in the inner side of condenser, which has the features of small size, light weight, save space and easy to install, so TR-110D rooftop chiller unit for van is very suitable for the small cargo vans. 

◆ Driven by DC powered vehicle battery, which is environmental friendly and can save much fuel. 

Guchen Thermo always adheres to the values of "Energy, synergy and innovation", and continuously works on creating a comfortable, satisfactory, healthy, safe and clean products, which is in accordance with the trends of social development.

◆ Reasonable price, reliable products, satisfying after-service.

The key parts of TR-110D reefer van conversation kits are worldwide famous brands: Sanden compressor, Danfoss Valve, Good Year, Spal fans; Codan, etc. And all products are  strictly in accordance with the standards of production and inspection processes and pass the ISO9001/TS16949CE/QS9001/CE etc, international certification, which to ensure the stability of products. 

◆ Add CPR valve to protect compressors, which is greatly suitable for the hot place.

As for evaporator, we use copper pipe & aluminum foil fin core, so it has a better heat dissipation performance, besides that, Guchen Thermo add CPR valve in evaporator, which plays an important role in adjust temperature of compressors to avoid it is too hot to damage compressor. 

◆ Realize that vehicle engine is off but cooling system is continuous.

We can equip the small van refrigeration units with an extra Transformer(AC Power Switch), which can transform the AC main power to DC12V/DC24V; besides, it can be plugged into the 240V/380V main power supply , and in the mean time charge the vehicle battery. So it’s very simple and convenient to run this roof top chiller unit for van when the engine is off.

Guchen Thermo TR-110D Electric Reefer Unit for Van for sale now. This refrigeration units for vans are driven by battery and adopts split roof-top mounted way. With Eco-friendly R134a refrigerant, Guchen Thermo TR-110D small van refrigeration units can keep the temperature at -5℃~+25℃, which can be used for 2~8m³ refrigerated small van boxes. What the better is the evaporator of TR-110D reefer van conversation kits adopt aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube, water drops not collecting together to freeze, which increase the heat exchange rate by 30% and improve the refrigerating effect. So if you are a greengrocery or related works and need to deliver fruits and vegetables with a small van, then TR-110D are the best  roof top chiller unit for van !

TR-110D electric small van refrigeration units
PHOTO: TR-110D small van refrigeration units in Spain installed on a 1.5m³ small cargo vans. 


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