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Regular Maintenance of Van Refrigeration Units

May  19,2018

The van refrigeration unit is operated under conditions where the temperature and pressure vary over a wide range of speeds. During the operation of the machine, there will be sudden changes in mechanical friction, air flow, temperature, and pressure. Therefore, the quality of mechanical parts, components, and equipment, as well as the internal cleaning of the entire van refrigeration system, will directly affect the working capacity and service life of the refrigerator.

Plan for preventive maintenance is divided into inspection and repair in two parts. Through this type of inspection and repair combined with periodic maintenance work, it aims to achieve the following three purposes:

1. Avoid premature wear of machine parts, and maintain the good performance of the refrigerator.
2. Prevent machine failures, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and avoid unnecessary losses.
3. Extend machine life.

Facts have proved that the correct maintenance equipment can reduce the repair costs of equipment, and can greatly reduce the number of faulty overhauls.

Guchen Thermo has been the direct driven van refrigeration manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. And we provide 2 years after sales service, and our van refrigeration units can meet your every need to transport frozen food, for example our TR-200T refrigeration units for small vans are roof top condenser mounted units, driven by vehicle engine, with ultra-thin evaporator, which can save more loading space, and convenient to install.


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